Our products:

Our high quality products can be purchased at our store in Neumarkt or at our show truck which is present at many tournaments throughout the year.

We put a special effort into having high quality leather products available!

UVEX Products
We have a large selection of UVEX products...more !!!
Samshield Products
Samshield is the result of a mix between the young pro rider's...more !!!
Tucci Products
We have a large selection of Tucci products...more !!!


Cavalor Products


We have a large selection of Cavalor products. For a short description please see CAVALOR PRODUCTS



Passier, Stuebben, Prestige, Albion, Barnsby, Jaguar

We always have a big selection of used saddles as well.



Bridles and Breastplates


Doebert, Albion, Highlander, H. Godignon, Stuebben, Leopard, Prestige, Pessoa



Prestige, Action, H. Godignon and many more.

Girths (with and without Belly Guard)

Prestige, Pessoa and many more.

Double Bridles

Albion, Doebert, Leopard and many more.

Coolers, Saddle Pads and Ear Caps.

We create the colour combination of your request.

- Wool blankets
- Fleece blankets
- Cotton
- Waffle blankets
and many more to choose from!!
- Also available with different Tail Cords Choose your Stable and Sponsor colours.

There are different base colours, trim and piping for the saddle pads. The ear caps will also be made to match your colour combination.

We would love to help you with a few ideas when necessary!

Blankets and Bandages


For the stables and turn-out.

We have worked together with the firm Horseware in Ireland for the last 9 years. The perfect fit of the blankets in every category will make your horse thankful..

Bandages - Under lays from USA
Black, Marine Blue, Yellow, Cognac,
Royal Blue, Grey, Dark Green, White,
Red, Bordeaux

Bandages - 4.20 m Long

Black, Marine Blue, Royal Blue, Grey,
Dark Green, White, Red, Bordeaux

Custom Boots and Paddock Boots from Italy

....we will measure for the perfect fit for your feet. Choose your own individual model and get ready to enjoy a super boot. Colour choice, form and leather strength can be chosen to meet your individual request...more !!!


Stitching Service and Print Service

Logo design, Names and Initials for your Outfit. Complete Team Equipment from C for Coolers J for Jackets till…….

Come and speak to us about an offer!


Many different types of bits and specialty bits are offered for sale. We would be happy to help you make a selection!

Saddle Under-lays / Pads

The best connection between Horse - Saddle - Rider. Very important to balance out pressure. We are always on the search for the "Optimal Solution" in this area.

Assorted Pads
Palan, Dy'on, Prestige

Different forms with or without wedge


The material that has "FlexQuality" is manufactured from a durable quality. We offer under-lays for horse and pony saddle pads in many models.

FlexQuality has been developed and has been manufactured from elastic polyfoam that possesses particular properties.
The FlexQuality reacts as a sensor, under the influence of temperature and weight, and the foam ensures ideal pressure balance.

The FlexQuality has excellent ventilation due to the open cell structure.
It is simple to clean in the washing machine on the 30° programme.

Saddle Pads are laid on the back of the horse, allow for a perfect position of the saddle, and give good support and pressure balance.
This way the back muscles of the horse are less stressed.

Horse Care Products

Kevin Bacon
Murphy's Oil soap
Stuebben Care Program
Belvoir Products

Absorbine Products

We carry an assortment of Absorbine products.

- Show Sheen - Fellpflege
- Superpoo Schampo
- Veterinary Liniment
- Horseman's One Step
- Hooflex
- Ultra Shield
- Supershield Green

Accessories for the Stables

- Stall drapes in different lengths
- Door gates
- Wood blanket racks
- Jacket bags
- Bandage bags
- Small "Grooming Bags"


- Wood grooming boxes
- Wood saddle racks
- Wood bridle racks


- Sturdy Feed and Water Buckets

Paddock Boots

- Ariat